Chef Laven - homesite

The home site of the brand Chef-Lavan.
Over 10,000 recipes, lightning fast search and filters with responsive site.
Front and back ends. Always adding new features and staying relevant in an ever changing market.

A Sister site, Matbach Tnuva was created on the same code base but with another language, arabic, and different configuration.

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Yoplait GO - interactive vending machine

What do you get by combining a kinect 2 camera, large screen and a vending machine?
An automated vending machine, equipped with large screen TV, motion traking camera and a lot of fun. Both making and playing.
Run by yourself or race with a friend, the camera tracks your movements and measure the distance you run. While at the same time, you need to catch cups of `Yoplait Go` that appear on the screen.

At the end of the race, a cup of `Yoplait Go` is dispensed from the machine for you and your friend to eat and enjoy.

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Nestea Scratch It - responsive web application

Big prizes with gorgeous design
Customers bought Nestea's bottles of juice and entered the bottles' code to get a digital scratching card, for a chance to win prices as big as macbooks, ipads and more.
The winners are presented in a huge "never ending" grid.

Coca Cola Calorie Counter - motion detection & live installation

A unique implementation of motion detection
An algorithem analyzed video from an Infra red camera in real time, and calculated the number of calories the crowd was burning in a music festival and in other music events in Romania.
The result were shown on a giant screen. branded with the Coca Cola brand.

An Infra red camera was used in order to overcome environments with bad lighting.

MasterCard MyFinal - mobile app

Mobile app with GPS, Google Map and a mini game
In celebration with the 2015 UEFA Championship final in Berlin, a location based mobile where players will walk around the city of Berlin, catch soccer balls displayed on the map and play a "kick the ball into the goal" mini game.
The lucky ones who manged to find a golden ball and score it, won a ticket to the 2015 UEFA final.

Bissli Extreme - follow the sound of the crunch

Mobile and desktop web game where the players trying to find a bissli snack bag in iconic cities
Bissli Extreme snack bags where embeded in Google Street View, and the players have to navigate the streets of cities such as Tokyo, Bangkok, Paris and more.
How could they find a single bag in a huge city? by listening to the sounds of the crunch. the closer you get, the louder the crunch is.

Tnuva Chocolate Milk Truck

A classic game in a 3D environment
In this classic game, kids drove a truck and changed lanes to avoid various obstacles.
You made it to the end? a real truck will come to your home and deliver you a case filled with chocalte milk bags.

At the end screen, a Tnuva truck drove into the player's town, using an image from the Google Street View API.

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v. 0.1.0