Who am I?

I've always had an interst in visual arts, as a kid I was drawing all the time.
Naturally, my higher education was focused on interdisciplinary design, there I've started to work in web design using Flash. May it's soul rest in peace.
from there I've quickly started to code. in the beginning it was to save money by not hiring a programmer. But quickly I fell in love with the process, problem solving and the endless creativity options that programming opened to me.

I've worked in a number of small web design companies, as a Flash designer and Action Script 3 programmer.
In the start of 2010 I've co-founded tech.marketing with two more talented persons, Roei Ben-Gal and Yaron Uliel. Together, and with other employees, we've worked on numerous projects, mostly in the web, for clients ranging from the biggest brands to individuals.

During the last year, in the pursuit for greater knowledge, I've been working on a personal project. a mobile casual game with real time multiplayer and more.
In the game you smash fruits by controlling a pair of squashers, racing against your opponent for creating a combination of fruits to gain higher score and win the match.

under construction
v. 0.1.0